The following is a post by Miss Yesenia, TEENS Instructor and Director of the RAKettes Competitive Belly Dance Team at Belly Motions.

In recent years, Middle Eastern themed corporate events have skyrocketed in popularity. The same has been true for Quinces and Sweet Sixteens! Guests love being transported to an exotic place for an evening…there’s just something so mysterious and magical about the Orient. It’s no wonder the Arabian theme is one of the most popular amongst teens for their “special day”!

When planning an Arabian themed event, here are 3 MUST HAVES to making your party unique, entertaining and unforgettable!

1. Create an Oriental Oasis…with Arabian décor!

Moroccan Decor by Caidal Events

With authentic Arabian décor, your guests will feel as though they have traveled afar to an exotic oasis!  Arabian colored fabrics in orange, fuchsia, red, and turquoise combined with mood-setting lanterns, cushions, and pillows will add the authentic feel of the Middle East!  Many banquet halls provide pre-arranged Arabian-themed sets and décor, for events held at hotels or private residences, hire a professional company such as Caidal Events.  This over-the-top team will handle all of your Arabian-themed decoration needs…from hookahs to Oriental rugs to LIVE CAMELS!  Woah, live camels?  Yes!

2. Book a Belly Dancer!

Alexandra of Belly Motions performing Shamadon

Hiring a Belly Dancer is a MUST for your Arabian themed event!  A live belly dance show will compliment the theme, create ambiance and add elegance to the party.  Before hiring a dancer, do your research! Google is a great search engine to find local Belly Dancers in your area.  Pay close attention to each dancer’s website, professionalism and presentation of self.  Consider the following questions: How long has she been dancing?  Are there videos of her dancing?  Is her costuming appropriate for your taste?  Does she use contracts?  If you like what you see, set up an appointment to discuss your event!  TIP: Never let cost be the deciding factor…you want to hire a PROFESSIONAL not a student…and as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for!”

3. Let the Birthday Girl SHINE with Her Own Belly Dance Solo!

If you really want to “WOW!” the audience, consider having the Birthday Girl perform a mini solo during the Belly Dance show! After all, it’s her night!  She can perform her very own solo for an additional surprise to the audience!  If this is the desired direction, enroll your daughter in belly dance lessons so she can get a feel for the movements! Next, hire a belly dance choreographer who knows her stuff! Again, do your homework; research potential choreographers online.  Watch videos of their creations to secure you will like the final product. Remember, the goal is to produce an authentic, professional and appropriate solo for your teenager!  This magical, once-in-a-lifetime performance will be forever etched in the minds of the guests, your family, and of course, the Birthday girl!

Jennifer performing a Belly Dance solo for her Quince!

Belly Motions offers a “Quinces” Package complete with a consultation, private lessons, and a rental of a professional costume!  It’s your all-in-one stop!  When planning for a Birthday solo, allow 4- 6 months for technique development, choreography retention, costume alterations, and plenty of rehearsals!

So there you have it! 3 creative ideas on how to throw an Arabian themed party the Birthday Girl (and guests!) will never forget! Now it’s off to planning the big day! Make sure to enjoy every second of it because even the simple planning turns out to be an experience you will never forget!