The following post is by Caitlin Ray, a former instructor and performer at Belly Motions, Inc. a World Dance Studio located in Miami, Florida. For more information visit

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So you have a loved one who’s addicted to Belly Dance…

Which is AWESOME…

But now you’re stuck.

What in the world do you buy for a BELLY DANCER?!?!

1. Hip Scarfs – Hip scarfs beautifully adorn a Belly Dancer’s hips in class. Trust me. She can NEVER have enough! When in doubt, stick to a hip scarf without coins. That way she can layer it with the scarfs she already has!

2. Veils – Yet another essential. From beginners to professionals, Belly Dancers can never have too many! Pick a color you think is fabulous or match the veil to the hip scarf you got her! 😉

3. Dance Wear – Nothing makes a dancer feel better prepared for class than the right dancewear for class!  At Belly Motions we carry some of the best options for pants, tops and footwear .  We’ve also  got a new line of Belly Motions t-shirts available as of Fall 2016!

4. Inspiration – What better way to get her motivated to dance than with music and/or an instructional DVD?  Come by our Boutique to check out our favorite selections!

5. Gift Certificates and Classes – Give her the gift of a mini-shopping spree! Belly Motions gift certificates may be used for classes and any in-store purchases. Let her visit our studio and have the time of her life!

Whatever you choose, just remember, she’s going to love it and love you for being so thoughtful!