The following is a post by Caitlin Ray, an Instructor and Professional Belly Dance Performer, Specializing in Spectacular Fire Entrances.

Fire. It’s mysterious, magical, mesmerizing, and awe-inspiring. I love watching the crowd’s reactions flicker between my flames – wide eyes, jaws dropped, looking at one another whispering

“Oh my gosh… Is it REAL???”

Yes! However, enchanting as real flames may be, a lot goes on behind the scenes to make sure a fire performance goes safely and smoothly!

Thinking about booking a fire performer for your next event?

Here’s what you need to know!


Caitlin Ray! Professional Fire Belly Dancer with Small Fire Palms

1.  Measure the Dance Space!

Think about where the dancer is going to perform and how much space she will realistically have once the venue is full with tables, chairs, guests, etc. Small fire props can be used in more intimate venues, such as between tables. Larger props will need at  least 20 sq.ft. of space. Communicate with your event planner, venue, and performer to get a realistic estimate of your party’s floor plan; this will determine which props will work best for the circumstances!

2. Smaller Props aren’t “Less Impressive Props.”

Small fire props make a beautiful addition to any performance!  They work well in intimate settings giving the audience the unforgettable experience and thrill of feeling the warmth of the fire and being up close and personal to the performer!

3. Look UP!

Now that you know where the dancer is going to perform, plan your decorations accordingly! For outdoor events, make sure the dance space is clear of bushes and low-lying branches. Dancing with fire underneath trees, although beautiful, is hazardous! If it’s an indoor venue, avoid draping fabric, streamers, or anything else from the ceiling above the dance space. While these decorations are beautiful, they are highly flammable.

Miami's Fire Belly Dancer, Caitlin Ray!

4. Create an On-Site Fire Station.

The fire performer will arrive with a “fire safety”, a trained professional in handling fueling, lighting, and extinguishing of the fire props. The fire safety will need a place near the dance space  to set up a fire station. It’s important that this area be set-aside from guests and busy traffic due to open containers of fuel and the handling of flames!  The fire safety will determine what area will work best on-site, but it’s always helpful to keep an area in mind!

5. Better Safe than Sorry: Liability Insurance.

It’s more than OK to ask your fire performer if they carry liability insurance – in fact, you should! It’s a sign of professionalism and a courtesy to clients. In addition, many venues and cities require fire performers to carry liability insurance for the safety of the patrons, venues and performers involved. 

Note: Belly Motions Fire Performers carry liability insurance. A copy of this certificate can be provided upon request. Rest assured, you’re safe in our hands! 😉

With all of the hard work out of the way, the finished product is a dazzling fire show that injects excitement and adrenaline into any party like nothing else can!

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