The following is a post by Miss Luisa, Director of KIDS Programs,  Chief InstructorPerformer and HipNotica Fitness Instructor at Belly Motions

Arabian Princess parties are so much fun for girls of all ages.   From magical genie lamps to beautifully colored pillows on the floor, nothing completes this type of event like a professional Belly Dance performance by a true Princess.  Here are a few helpful tips when planning YOUR next Arabian Princess Party with Miss LuisaBelly Motions KIDS style!

1. Pick your Princess!  

Ahhh… decisions, decisions… both options are so enchanting, as a true Princess should be! 

Princess Jasmine! Four to six year olds are still at the age where they believe Princess Jasmine is a real life character!  And let’s face it, we all know that Jasmine Belly Dances even though she’s not from Egypt 😉 HOW AMAZING would it be for her to do MORE than just take pretty pictures with your little guests?  What if she could also surprise them with a REAL Belly Dance performance?!  This option creates a “whole new world” full of magical memories.


Book Princess Luisa for YOUR next Arabian Princess Party!

Arabian Princess Luisa!   If your daughter has outgrown her “Disney Princesses” phase (Ummm…. Is that even humanly possible?!  Well, you know what I mean!), then this option will work sensationally for you!  There is nothing more impressive than a beautiful Princess in a breath-taking and authentic Egyptian Belly Dance costume full of jewels and beads that can only be found in desert lands far, far away 😉  Sound like fun?  Then this is the Princess for you!

2.  Set the Stage!  

Be sure to create a special area (a clear space of at least 10’x10’) within your party for the Belly Dance performance.  Don’t be afraid to go “all out” and hang beautiful Arabian colored drapes or fabrics to enhance the experience and large carpets to cover your floors.  Need help getting your hands on some of these items?  Belly Motions recommends you hire a professional company such as Caidal Events for both large or small events to help you out with your decoration needs.

3.  Create a Dance Space for your Mini-Class! 

The Belly Motions Arabian Princess Party Package includes a mini-class right after the performance!  That’s right, the fun continues after the show!!!  You will need to coordinate your “open space” to accommodate enough room for your little guests to dance.  Don’t forget to include some room for Mommy guests, they love to participate too! 

Mia at a Belly Motions KIDS Arabian Princess Party!

*Tip: Our package includes 20 kids size coin belts to borrow for class, so you will not need to purchase any of your own!

4. Sound Check… Testing, Testing!  

It is very important to provide an excellent sound system to enhance the performance, mini-class, and overall party atmosphere.   It is common for speakers to “blow out” in home sound systems when music is played at the higher levels needed to make for a spectacular show.  Avoid having this happen on your event day by testing the music out beforehand, hiring a D.J., or renting a sound system.

5.  Photo Shoot!

What better way to wrap up a fantastic experience than with a beautiful photo shoot to capture the memories!  Your Princess of choice will help the littles ones create the cutest poses in town!

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