The following is a post by Miss Yesenia, Director of the TEENS Program and RAKettes competitive dance team at Belly Motions.

As a former theater actress, singer, and dancer, I have had my fair share of auditions and I know how scary they can be. Casting aside my fears and auditioning created life-changing opportunities and led to making wonderful friends, creating amazing memories, and eventually landing a job as a theater, voice, and Belly Dance instructor for a local community theater. It’s amazing to realize that without one particular audition, I wouldn’t be here writing this blog today.

One audition can change your life forever.

If YOU have a dance audition coming up, push those butterflies aside and take the plunge! You never know where it will lead you!

Here are 5 tips on how to ROCK…or should I say, “RAK” your audition!

  1. Be Prepared! It’s a simple fact: the more you have prepared the more confident you will feel. Rehearse your choreography until you’re blue in the face.  Run it in front of your family, your friends and most importantly a professional instructor. Make sure to READ the audition requirements very carefully, following instructions and knowing what to expect is key to a smooth audition. In addition, being prepared will show your professionalism, commitment and dependability…it also prevents embarrassing moments that result in not being prepared.
  2. Bring a PRO Resume! When auditioning ALWAYS bring a dance resume complete with a full body shot of yourself in costume. Even if the resume is not required, bringing one will make you stand out from the crowd! There are plenty of websites such as How To Write a Dance Resume which will help you prepare a proper resume.
  3. Dress to Impress! Whether you are asked to audition in dance wear or a professional costume, you MUST look your best! Prep your hair, apply nice makeup, and wear a style (and color) that compliment your body type and skin tone. Stay away from too much jewelry or chunky accessories as they may distract the judges…or worse, YOU! Make sure to rehearse in whatever you’re wearing so that there are no surprises during your audition! TIP: Never wear those faded dance pants with the holes!
  4. Be Professional. Professionalism is an important trait I seldom see during dance auditions. Introduce yourself in a professional manner, it will set you apart from the others, stand upright and carry yourself with purpose. Once in front of the judges, consider introducing yourself like this: “Good afternoon. My name is Yesenia and I will be performing a modern Oriental choreography.” TIP: At the end of your audition, THANK the judges for their time!
  5. Show confidence! I know, easier said than done, right? If you find yourself with the audition day jitters, FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT, sister! Walk in with your back straight, head held high and a full blown smile.  Repeat after me, “I’ve got this!”  In this mindset the judges will be more likely to see the talent AND magic in you. Act cool, calm and collected but be sure to show your humble and genuine side. You don’t want to come across as arrogant, entitled or “too cool for school”! If the judges give you constructive criticism, listen intently and take in every word.

There you have it, 5 tips to having a successful dance audition!               Now you’re ready to go to that dreamed-about audition and take it by storm!  Break a hip!  For information on how to join the Belly Motions RAKettes Team please contact