Meet the KIDS Performance Team! 

This Program is designed for KIDS who want to take their dancing to a more theatrical level, offering many opportunities to perform at local community events. The Performance Team will focus on technique, prop and choreography as well as concepts related to performance.*

Students may participate in the Performance Team Program in one of two ways:

1. Master Belly Motions K2 Program. Based on evaluation and approval by Miss Luisa.

2. Audition by attending a Performance Team class ($18.00) for an in-class evaluation.

*Costume and prop purchases will be required.

Please call Belly Motions for more information: 305.663.1553

1 Class = $18.00 * Monthly = $65.00 * Quarterly = $195.00

The Belly Motions KIDS at FIU Wertheim Performing Arts Center!