Kelly of Belly Motions Fan Veils
Kelly of Belly Motions
Kelly of Belly Motions Sword

Kelly is a Miami based belly dance performance artist, instructor and choreographer. As a soloist, Kelly’s flawless performances and innovative choreographies have made her a favorite in South Florida. In 2006 she was invited to compete on the famous television show “Sabado Gigante” where she placed first above dancers from around the world. Kelly has performed for international audiences in Argentina, Egypt, France, the Caribbean, and throughout the US. She is the director of The Bellys In Bloom Youth Program and Belly by Kellys Gems bellydance young competition team both based in Miami. In 2012 she founded Belly by Kelly, Co. -A professional performance and instructional company.

Kelly’s Specialties:
Modern Belly Dance ♦ Classical Oriental Dance ♦ Egyptian Folkloric Dance
Candelabra ♦ Fire ♦ Sword ♦ Veil ♦ Isis Wings ♦ Cane ♦Candle Tray ♦ Fan Veils