The following is a post by Michelle Calvo, former Employee at Belly Motions.  For more information please visit

If you would have told me I was going to become a           Belly Dancer, I would have said, “YOU’RE CRAZY!!!”

Me! In a Flamenco-inspired Oriental Costume

Born terribly shy and introverted, I was always content to stay as far away from the spotlight (and stage!) as possible.  Ironically, I also craved an artistic outlet to express myself. Growing up with my grandmother, a pianist, and mother, a music lover, I sought to discover my own passion. But how could I when the mere thought of putting myself out there absolutely terrified me?

As a child, I had developed severe social anxiety issues that crippled me for many years. I couldn’t handle most social settings, and with that said, as I entered High School, I chose a very practical and non social career path – Computer Networking! (Whaatttt???). I felt I had to choose a career that was EXPECTED of me…something I could “handle”.  I found myself on a path toward isolation and boredom.

But then everything changed…

On a hot Saturday night in 2005, my best friend, Roshana Nofret, invited me to one of her performances at Sunset Place where Belly Motions would host a monthly Belly Dance show.  I had always been attracted to Belly Dance but was too afraid to try something new; I could never muster up enough courage to actually take a class.  During that show my admiration and desire to try Belly Dancing heightened.  I fell in love with the movements…the music…the dance. 

Not soon after, I found myself at a Belly Motions Open House.  I remember feeling an instant sense of “home” as I entered the studio.  By chance, Roshana ended up with a winning raffle ticket for a Beginner 1 Program.  She very quickly gifted it to me and said, “Here’s your chance! Go for it!”  And as they say, “the rest is history!”

Performing at the Belly Motions 8th Year Anniversary show alongside my cousin, Lizzy!

Today, my social anxiety is FAR behind me and I now CRAVE the spotlight, something I never thought possible.

Belly Dance has given me the ability to bloosom into the person I truly want to be. I have found a form of artistic expression to call my very own and even more exciting, I have found a Belly Dance family that I could not be more thankful for!



Take a leap of faith! Go out and try something NEW! You might just discover your passion!