The following post is by Miss Luisa, an InstructorPerformer , Director of the Belly Motions KIDS Programs  and “Mary Poppins” of Belly Dance at Belly Motions

Miss Luisa’s KIDS Rak!

“Our girls sparkle brighter than glitter!” 

The Belly Motions KIDS Programs are a specialty within the school of Belly Motions – a “gem” if you will.  I am Miss Luisa, Director of all things KIDS at the studio!   As the “Mary Poppins” of Belly Dance, my joy lies in being surrounded by the cutest smiles and tiniest shimmies in town!   I am 104 years old and yes, I AM a real Princess!

“Miss Luisa’s KIDS Rak!” is my contribution to the Belly Motions Blog in relation to my extensive work with Belly Dance instruction for children.  Join me as I share tips, stories and interviews to educate the community in support of the positive experiences and benefits that Belly Dance has to offer…to KIDS!

How it all started…

My studies in Belly Dance began in June 2005 at Belly Motions.  Portia Lange  was my very first teacher and later became my mentor as my personal journey led me to become a Professional Belly Dancer.  After receiving my first Teacher Training Certification from Portia (2006) and later from Tamalyn Dallal (2007) I became an Instructor for the Beginner 1 Program at Belly Motions.

Years later, I decided to take my teaching to a higher level and founded the Belly Motions KIDS Programs in January 2010. The training process and preparation began several months prior under the guidance of Portia as I took over the Saturday morning kids classes in August 2009.  Portia’s background as an Elementary School teacher proved very beneficial for me as I realized teaching children was quite different than teaching adults!  Nowadays, despite all that I have learned, I feel I am in a constant state of “training” – those little ones are just FULL of surprises!

Today, I have taken my training even further and maintain my Primary Group Exercise Certification from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as well as my CPR Certification from the American Heart Association.

Miss Luisa’s Background in… Architecture?

My academic training is in Architecture; I have a Bachelor of Design (2003) and Master of Architecture (2005) from F.I.U.  The 10 years of experience between study and work in these fields have enhanced many skills which I now bring to the table as a professional Belly Dance Instructor and Performer at Belly Motions.  Professionalism, planning, scheduling, design, creativity, presentation, communication, deadlines, and responsibility were all skills I used as an Architect and are skills I use NOW as the Director of KIDS Programs at Belly Motions!

The Belly Motions KIDS Programs Today

Along with me, the Belly Motions KIDS Programs have also grown.  Today we offer K1 (Beginners), K2 (Intermediate), and K3 (Advanced) Programs as well as the unique Mommy ‘n Me Program where mothers and daughters have the opportunity to dance together!  Belly Motions offers a fun, supportive and engaging environment with age-appropriate instruction.

Stay connected with Miss Luisa…

I look forward to engaging and connecting with readers on many topics related to Belly Dance for children.  Stay tuned for my monthly posts and be sure to connect with me by subscribing to the Belly Motions Blog and via social media avenues (links below)!  I welcome your feedback, thoughts, and requests!

With Love,

Miss Luisa


The Belly Motions KIDS Programs currently offer 4 classes per week:                            

K1 (Beginners): Saturdays 10:00-10:45am and Thursdays 5:30-6:15pm

K2 (Intermediate): Tuesdays 5:15-6:15pm

K3 (Advanced): Fridays 6:00-7:00pm

No Registration Fee!   $18 per class    $65 montly    $195 quarterly


KIDS! Bring  Mommy to YOUR Class for FREE on Mother’s Day Week: May 7-11th

Mommy ‘n Me HipNotica Master Class: Sunday, August 14th, 2013 1-2pm

Mommy ‘n Me Fall Choreography Program: Saturdays 9:00am, October 2013

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