The following is a post by Narayani Maharaj an Instructor, Performer, and Director of  the Belly Motions Bollywood Program.

Meet Sudha Chandran, one of India’s most acclaimed…and unique dancers!

Today I’m going to share with you a story that has inspired me since I was a young dancer. I remembered my first Bharatanatyam teacher telling me about an unbelievable dancer. Not only was she amazing at what she did, but it was the way she did it that was so VERY inspiring…

Sudha Chandran!

Sudha Chandran, better known as “Nach Mayuri”, is an accomplished  Bharatanatyam dancer who continued to dance even after losing one of her legs to gangrene after a terrible car accident.

She worked through the tragic period in her life after the accident to become one of the most well known Indian artists of her time. She was fitted with a prosthetic leg known as the “Jaipur leg.” She became extremely successful through her dancing. She performed in various countries across Europe and she even as far as Canada. She was so popular that she was also able to cross over into the world of acting and be successful there.

Sudha Chandran Performing with her Jaipur Leg

Sudha Chandran has been an example  of willpower for many. She continued to pursue her passion despite the harsh obstacles she has endured. She found the determination to work through losing a limb and to continue dancing and acting and being a wonderfully successful person when others might have given up their dreams. So when we are feeling we need a boost to our progression as artists, or that we cant find the time to practice dance, we should look to her story and her life as motivations to what we dancers can accomplish when we set our hearts to it.

CLICK HERE to enjoy a performance by Sudha Chandran!