The following post is by Miss Luisaan InstructorPerformerDirector of the Belly Motions KIDS Programs  and “Mary Poppins” of Belly Dance at Belly Motions

I wrote the following post through the voice of a fictional character, Amira, but it is based on a true story as experienced by my students Daniella, Jadyn, Mia, Remy and Sabrina, to whom I also dedicate this post.  Enjoy! – With Love, Miss Luisa

My name is Amira.  I am 9 years old and I am a Belly Dancing Kid!  I started the Belly Motions KIDS Programs when I was 5.  This year I joined the KIDS Performance Team.  I have learned a lot and have had so much fun!  Being a member of this team requires dedication, discipline, and a lot of teamwork.  Miss Luisa is our Director and she expects that we practice at home, make good grades in school, and work well with our Belly Dance friends.

The Belly Motions KIDS Performance Team donates performances for good causes all over our local community.  We dance at special events like American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, The Human Society of Greater Miami’s Mega-Pet Adoption, and our recent performance for the United Teachers of Dade County (UTD), where I even saw some of my Elementary School teachers!  At this event we made Miss Luisa extra-proud. 

The UTD event was on April 27, 2013 and we were performing our favorite Fan Veil routine.  I remember being backstage taking photos together with glittery butterflies in our bellies from being “happy nervous!”  We knew the routine so well that it made us even more excited to perform!

Costumes pinned, hair & make-up done, Fan Veils in hand, glitter, best behavior and smiles…. A group zaghareet and we were on our way!  Go Team Belly Motions!!!

The music began and we were RAK-in’ the stage (“Rak” means “to dance” in Arabic)!  The audience cheered and clapped with joy! 

We were on a roll when… suddenly… the music stopped in the middle of our performance!

I was confused but somehow a little voice inside my head told me to keep smiling.  I looked at my team members and they had similar looks on their faces.  We didn’t really speak to each other, but somehow we decided to continue to pose, smile and wait on stage together.

Out of the blue, the music started again… but in a section of the song we had already performed!  I quickly looked at the girls and we knew the exact formation change we needed to make and went for it!  In the blink of an eye, we were back into the routine.  The audience cheered us on like none we had ever experienced before!  How exciting, WE DID IT!

The Belly Motions KIDS shortly after a music malfunction gets corrected during their performance. Bright smiles and Happy Shimmies - the show must go on!

After the show, Miss Luisa told us she was really proud of our teamwork and that we had showed true professionalism that is hard to find even with the big girls and “real” Belly Dancers.  I looked at her with a smile and a yawn and said “Can I go home and rest now?”