The following is a post by Miss Luisa, Director of KIDS Programs, an Instructor, Performer and HipNotica Fitness Instructor at Belly Motions

Joining the Belly Motions KIDS Programs is a very exciting decision for both parents and girls alike.  Purchasing the appropriate dance attire for class makes it all the more fun!  Here is quick guide to help new students get ready for a KIDS Belly Dance class at Belly Motions!

The 3 Essentials:

Belly Motions KIDS member, Sabrina, is wearing the Belly Motions KIDS t-shirt and VersaCapris for kids!

1. Form-Fitting Top.  In Belly Dance a form-fitting top works best due to the nature of the movements.  And let’s be  honest, the little ones LOVE to show their cute little bellies in class!  A few excellent options for tops are a child’s camisole (leotard), a Versa Top (While they don’t make them in children’s sizes, the adult sizes will fit taller girls as  seen in the image of Remy below!), or the fabulous Belly Motions KIDS t-shirt.

2. Leggings.  Non-see through leggings are the best option for Belly Dance class!  First, they allow for free movement without limitations or distractions. Second, they allow the instructor to view the foot, knee and hip placement of the child which plays a major role in proper technique.  VersaCapri’s for kids are my favorite option and they are available at the Belly Motions boutique, I actually wear the adult size VersaCapri’s when I teach!

3. Children’s Coin Belt.  Now for the BEST part…the coin belt!  Coin belts are not only FUN and JINGLY but serve as a tool to help the little ones learn various hip movements due to the sound and weight of the belt.  Be sure to purchase a coin belt that fits properly; coin belts that are too big will constantly fall off and create continuous distractions during class.  Oh, and by the way, no coin belt = no fun. 🙁

Additional Accessories:

Capezio Sandasols or Foot Undeez will help Intermediate-Advanced Level students with intricate footwork and turns by allowing the ball of the foot to smoothly glide along the floor.

Attire to Avoid:

Bathing Suits!  Bikini tops and/or bottoms are not designed for exercise or dance. The fabric can be irritating to the skin and children look in appropriate in a dance class setting. Save those swim suits for the pool! 😉

Underwear beneath Coin Belts!  Coin belts are not skirts. Leggings must be worn underneath a coin belt or hip scarf.  It is not appropriate or acceptable for a child to be exposed in this manner.

Skirts!  While skirts may seem pretty, they limit flexibility, certain movements and can cause slips and falls.  Similarly, shorter skirts reveal underwear during specific stretches and training exercises; this is not appropriate or acceptable.