The following is a post by Miss LuisaDirector of KIDS Programs,  Chief Instructor, Performer and HipNotica Fitness Instructor at Belly Motions

As the saying goes, “there’s a time and place for everything.”  Parents often ask me when and where it is appropriate for their children to Belly Dance.  At first, I like to share the many benefits to the Belly Motions KIDS Programs followed by the reassurance that there are many appropriate places where kids can Belly Dance in front of a live audience.

Here are 5 appropriate places for KIDS to Belly Dance:

1. At Home!  If your daughter is enrolled in the Belly Motions KIDS Programs and is so excited to showcase what she learns in class, encourage her to dance at home for family and friends!  Take advantage of the warm and safe environment of a family get-together and have her apply her skills!  This will build confidence and will make her feel great about the hard work she puts into learning how to Belly Dance.  Your positive feedback will inspire her to stay focused and continue with the discipline of learning a skill that she loves.

2. Family-Oriented Community Events!  Your local community is full of kid-friendly events that incorporate, encourage and welcome children to showcase various forms of musical and performance arts.  Many times these events raise awareness or funds for cancer research or the like, such as American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, where I personally love to take the Belly Motions KIDS Performance Team.  Another one of my favorites is the Humane Society of Greater Miami’s Bi-Annual Mega-Pet Adoption Event where many furry friends are taken home by loving families.  By donating their time and talents kids not only get to enjoy and improve their Belly Dance skills, they also learn the importance of giving back to the local community.  Other types of community events may include church fundraisers, carnivals or fairs for children, or special school events!

3. Theater Shows!  Every year Belly Motions puts on a large scale Theater Show to celebrate the Anniversary of the studio.  Our students sign up for Choreography Programs during the Fall in order to learn a  Belly Dance routine and perform it in groups on stage and in front of their very own family and friends.  It is the most exciting part of the year for the Belly Motions KIDS as we extend to them the opportunity to participate and perform kid-friendly routines including the precious Belly Motions Mommy n’ Me Experience!  The entire process and preparation improves their dance and retention skills as well as the ability to work with others.  It’s also, well, SO MUCH FUN!!!

4.  During a Professional Belly Dancer’s Performance*!  Professional Belly Dancers get hired for family events such as weddings, quinces, birthday parties and restaurants.  It is common for the dancer to incorporate an audience participation section towards the end of her show, and she will often invite children to dance with her.  It is an eventful experience for the kids to share the stage with a beautiful Belly Dancer (a true Princess in her eyes!).  

*Tip: It is only appropriate for your child to get up to dance when and if she has been invited by the dancer.  Please be courteous and remember the dancer is a Professional who has been hired to perform for the larger audience for a set amount of time.

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5. Throw an Arabian Princess Party*!  Celebrate your daughter’s birthday by booking an Arabian Princess Birthday Party with Miss Luisa!  Kids of all ages enjoy an amazing Belly Dance Performance followed by a mini Belly Dance class.  It’s simply a breathtaking experience for the children.  Do YOU have a special event coming up?  Contact Belly Motions and book Princess Luisa for YOUR Arabian Princess Party today!

*Tip: Be sure to book early as Princess Luisa’s magic carpet tends to get quite busy with all the amazing kids parties she attends 😉