The following is a post by Michelle Calvo, former Employee at Belly Motions.  For more information please visit

The Belly Motions Choreography Programs

are offered each year in the Fall!

These are special programs designed to teach an entire routine that, if you choose, are performed each Spring in a theater! Now, for all the first-timers out there, I’m sure you have a ton of questions and concerns…

“I’m just a Beginner student. Will I be ready to learn a routine?!”

“Performing isn’t my thing. I’m scared of the stage!”

As a dancer who’s taken her share of choreography programs and taught several of her own, I’m here to help!

Caitlin Ray’s Fan Veil Group performing in the Belly Motions 8th Year Anniversary Show

1. Challenge your dancing like never before!  Choreography programs offer you the opportunity to put all of the skills you’ve learned in class together in a fabulous routine you can show-off to your friends and family! The best way to hone your skills is to DANCE, and that’s exactly what you’ll do in these programs. There are programs are offered for various levels  and unique styles to choose from!

2. Conquer that stage fright! Always had a fear of being on stage? It’s time to overcome it! Our annual show is the PERFECT setting to show that stage fright who’s boss! With a safe environment surrounded by your Belly Motions friends and family you will have the support and courage you need to conquer the stage once and for all!

Narayani’s Bollywood Group performing in the Belly Motions 8th Year Anniversary Show

It’s important to note: Participating in a Choreography Program does not obligate anyone to perform. Many women participate for the fun of learning a dance routine! But once you’re there, you’ll find yourself inspired to unleash that inner diva on stage… so go for it!

3. Have the time of your life! This remains my favorite part of the choreography journey. Weekend practices at fellow student’s homes, costume fittings, getting ready with each other on show day… it’s the little moments that make these programs so special. Your personal growth from a shy wallflower trying to keep up in class, to a fully blossomed dancer rockin’ her moves on stage,  is the biggest achievement taken from this experience. Along the way, you’ll make bonds with fellow dancers that you’ll cherish for a lifetime and take away memories that can never be replaced.

I hope this blog has instilled a curiosity in you to take a choreography program and experience what all the buzz is about yourself! Will YOU take on the BIG STAGE next time around?!?