The following is a post by Alexandra Molina, Instructor, Performer and Visual Artist at Belly Motions

It’s almost back-to-school time and you know what that means…back to routine, back to exercise and BACK TO BELLY DANCE!

With all this rushing around it’s easy to forget your Belly Dance gear!  That dash from work or school to Belly Motions when you’re just dying to get to the next HipNotica Fitness class that starts in… 10 minutes?! (Yikes!) Then you suddenly realize you forgot your coin belt? (Double Yikes!) Or your dance pants?! (OH MY!) Has this happened to you before?  If so, I have the solution!

GET PREPARED with your very own personalized, handy-dandy, glittery Belly Dance Bag!  Keep all of your “belly treasures” here and you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

Here are 5 MUST HAVES in your Belly Dance Bag:

1. Dance wear

VersaLeggings, VersaTops and Belly Motions Crop Tops are classic! They are all light weight, don’t take up much space and work great for class.  Pack a few pairs, then you’re good for days!

2. Coin belt / Hip scarf

What fun is Belly Dance class without the cute beaded belts around our hips? Remember to pack your coin belt and hip scarf!  And don’t be afraid to get funky and fancy by layering your coin belt over a crochet hip scarf to add more “belly-glam.”

3. Silk Veil

Silk veils are enchanting, sensual and personal…and I mean personal! Before packing your veil, spray a little perfume over the fabric, this will keep your veil smelling fresh and you’ll be pleasantly surprised on how delicious it smells during class! Oh, and don’t forget your veil…otherwise you may have to borrow one of the studio’s used veils…and they are pretty stinky!  

4. Zills (finger cymbals)

My favorite prop ever! It’s great to have your very own pair of zills!  They will have a custom fit to your fingers so you won’t have to borrow the standard sets that often fall off during class. Zills are frequently used and are so much fun…especially when they fit well!

5. Belly Motions Beginner 1, 2 or Intermediate 1 DVD

Belly Motions Beginner 1, Beginner 2 and Intermediate 1 Programs on DVD!

What? A DVD in my bag?  Yup.  Whether it’s to practice at work or to introduce Belly Dance to a friend, you’ll have a “portable Portia” to share the art of Belly Dance at all times! In the past, I’ve loaned my Beginner 1 DVD to many friends and they loved it so much they started taking classes!  It’s also a great DVD to pop in during an all-girl get together!  

TIP: Try placing your veil, coin belt and zills in separate ziplock bags, this will keep each item from damaging one another and will protect them from other elements like an accidental water spill. 

And that’s the solution to the ease up the hustle and bustle…get a Belly Dance bag!  Your Belly Dance bag will not only keep you prepared for class, it will also protect your dance gear from getting damaged or lost.

So…what’s in your Belly Dance bag?