The following is a post by Michelle Calvo, former Employee at Belly Motions.  For more information please visit

I’ve always had an admiration for many dance genres. Each style has its own unique form of expression, or voice, if you will, and the ability to captivate audiences in varying ways. It was this love and curiosity that led me to venture out of my Belly Dance comfort zone and explore different styles; and so, I entered the wonderful world of Ballroom dance!  Today, I find myself as the Latin-Arabic Fusion instructor at Belly Motions!  Fusion occurs when two or more dance genres are fused together to create a new dance style!

Allow me to share my absolute favorite styles of Arabic fusion…

Ballet-Arabic Fusion:  Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts in the 15th century. The dance is highly technical, and highly graceful!  Have you seen ballet fused with Belly Dance?

Here is an example of Ballet-Arabic fusion piece by Belly Dance performer Sabah Saeed of the Bellydance Superstars. Classically trained in Ballet, she effortlessly blends the strong and graceful lines of ballet with the earthiness of Belly Dance. TIP: For all you serious Belly Dancers out there, Ballet is also a wonderful tool to improve posture and polish lines!

DID YOU KNOW?  Ballet has borrowed dance moves from Middle Eastern dance. After all, where do you think the Ballet term “Arabesque” came from?

Caitlin Ray of Belly Motions performing Tribal Style.

Michelle performing Flamenco-Arabic Fusion with her students in the Belly Motions 8th Year Anniversary Show

Tribal Fusion: One of the most popular forms of Arabic fusion, Tribal Style, is a combination of Arabic, Indian, Hip Hop, Flamenco and other dance forms. It is widely recognized for its sharp muscular isolations, snake-like fluidity and improvisational format. Curious about this style? Our very own Caitlin Ray leads the Belly Motions Tribal Program

Latin-Arabic Fusion: I saved my favorite for last! Living in Miami, it is IMPOSSIBLE to ignore the infectious and exotic Latin rhythms that are omnipresent in our city. As a Cuban-American girl who never really got in touch with her Latin side, I finally set off to study my heritage through ballroom classes. I became so inspired that I began to fuse the many Latin styles with Belly Dance to create one spicy style!  And so, my Latin-Arabic fusion class was born mixing Salsa, Cha Cha, Tango and Flamenco with Belly Dance! If you love Latin flavor AND Belly Dance, THIS is the class for you!

Which dance styles are YOUR favorite? Have you seen these styles fused with Belly Dance?  Get inspired, the possibilities are limitless!