The following is a post by Portia Lange, Founder and CEO of Belly Motions.

The Dritz brand (large size) safety pins are the most reliable. Purchase at Joann's.

Whether you are a student or a professional, your Belly Dance costume will require a lot of attention…especially in the pinning department.  What do I mean?  Well, when our hips and rib cages shimmy like no tomorrow, we want make sure our costumes are secured to our bodies, preventing an embarrassing and devastating experience…the infamous “wardrobe malfunction”.

Here are 3 Steps to Securely Pin a 2-Piece Costume: 

Step 1. Pin the Skirt.

The proper way to pin panties to the INSIDE of your costume.

You will need 4 pins. First, I always recommend that you wear firm/thick/strong panties under your costume (boy shorts work well too!).  No lace, strings or flimsy materials, these types of panties will NOT hold up your costume (especially if someone steps on it!).  Put your “dance panties” and skirt on, look down at your hips.  Think of your pelvis as a square, you will pin the four corners of the square.  Your first pin should go on directly in front of your right hip, second pin on the left hip, third pin on the backside of your right hip and fourth pin on the backside of your left hip. Pin your panties to your costume on the INSIDE, hiding the pin.  This can be tricky in the beginning but you’ll become a pro in no time!

Step 2. Pin the Base of the Bra. 

Place two pins at the base of the bra and at least one pin at the top of the halter section of the bra.

You will need 1-2 pins (for larger breasted women I recommend using 2 pins!). Wrap the base of your dance bra around your rib cage so that the cups are on your back and the straps are in front of you.  Looking down you can see your eye hooks, hook your bra. Take your pin(s), push through BOTH straps and secure.  These two straps may be thick, be persistent, it will go through. This pin will secure your bra if your eye hooks happen to snap preventing your bra from literally popping off.  Really, a lifesaver.

Step 3. Pin the Halter of the Bra.

You will need 1-2 pins.  The halter portion of a bra are the straps that wrap around your neck. If your bra drapes over your shoulders connecting to the base in the back I would recommend having it converted to a halter top by a seamstress (very easy to do!).  Why?  Because it lifts your breasts (making your torso look longer) and holds your breasts in place.  Now, with the base of your bra hooked and pinned, twist the bra so the cups are now at your breasts. Place the cups over your breasts and scoop up your “girls” up as much as you can.  Check for any signs of your nipples peering out…this is a NO NO for obvious reasons.  Your breasts should be held tight in place and feel snug. Once you’ve “scooped” hook your bra.  Place your pin(s) through the two overlapping straps at the back of your neck.  To prevent a sore neck, I recommend this pin face outward, allowing your hair to hide it. *Again, for larger breasted woman, I recommend using 2 pins!

Voila! You’re securely fastened and ready to shimmy and shake!  Now you can dance your heart out!