Belly Motions KIDSBelly Motions offers more than just dance for kids, it offers an experience.

Hi! I’m Miss Luisa, Director of the Belly Motions KIDS Programs!  All sorts of thoughts, concerns and questions come up when the words “Belly Dance” and “kids” are used in the same sentence.  In this post I share some of the most important reasons (aside from physical health and fitness) on how the Belly Motions KIDS Programs offer an appropriate, safe, and unique dance program for kids! 

1. Instructor Qualifications!  A Dance Instructor can become one of the biggest role models in a child’s life.  It’s important that this role model is properly trained and professional.  

Aside from having studied the art of Belly Dance for over nine years, I often introduce myself with my other professional qualifications.  With a Bachelor of Design and a Masters in Architecture, I have been trained to be organized, disciplined and an excellent communicator. My years of experience in this field have assisted in the creation of the Belly Motions KIDS Programs and have qualified me to translate the art of Belly Dance in a way that is appropriate and fun for children.

Since dance is a form of fitness, it’s only necessary to become educated in fitness instruction. I have been an AFAA Certified Fitness Professional with CPR and AED Certifications for 3+ years now.  This certification requires me to continue my education through testing where I continue to learn about the latest health and fitness trends including positive and unsafe practices.

These skills combined have enabled me to offer exceptional dance classes that are appropriate, culturally sensitive and safe for young girls.  Being a role model is perhaps the most rewarding part of the job! 

2. Safe and Nurturing Environment!  At Belly Motions we go the extra mile to make students feel welcomed and safe.  I encourage smiles, friendships and teamwork on a regular basis to create a warm environment that is unmatched.  Our focus is less about competition and more about nourishment, building friendships and discovering new things.  Experience this atmosphere for yourself, observe a class soon!

3. One-on-one Attention!  When it comes to music and dance no two kids are created alike, but at Belly Motions they are all given the tools to develop the skills needed to learn! The Belly Motions KIDS Programs are divided into levels allowing students to grow at their own pace.  Small class sizes allow me to offer my complete undivided attention to each child…which helps me take them to places they never imagined possible!

4. Healthy Habits!  When a child learns about a different culture through the avenue of dance, it broadens their cultural awareness and develops their overall interest in learning more about the world!  I’ve seen this happen time and time again and it is truly magnificent!  As they advance in their studies, they also learn to appreciate the beauty in learning a discipline.  They experience a sense of achievement, accomplishment and growth and they love it!  In turn, there is often a natural boast in their self-esteem and it is a joy to watch.

5. Relationships!  Successful lifestyles build from establishing healthy relationships.  When children learn to interact, share and work as a team it can contribute to the development of social skills which are important tools they can use as they grow older.  Our unique Mommy n’ Me Experience Program is dedicated solely towards building the mother-daughter relationship, teaching kids to appreciate, work with, and have fun with Mommy!

If you are interested in enrolling YOUR little one in our program and have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me directly!  I would be more than happy to share more about our very special Belly Motions KIDS Programs!

I hope to share Happy Shimmies with your little one, and possibly even YOU (if you’re a Mommy), very soon!

With Love,

Miss Luisa