The following is a post by Miss Yesenia, Director of the Belly Motions TEENS Program.

The RAKettes performing at Rakstar

As I clutched my pearls—yes, I was wearing pearls—I waited anxiously to hear the results of the Rakstar International Competition in Miami, Florida. Earlier, the RAKettes of  Belly Motions had performed an energetic Oriental choreography in the group category for the competition. Although the volume of audience cheer was promising, the competition was filled with incredibly talented troupes from all over the world who had been dancing much longer than my team. As the judges had finalized their decision I couldn’t help to be a little nervous, this was their first competition together…and then I heard…

“2nd place goes to…the RAKettes!”

“People’s Choice Award goes to…the RAKettes!”

The RAKettes win the People's Choice Award and Second Place!

With less than a year under their belt, the RAKettes had taken Miami by storm!  I was tremendously proud of the team for coming this far in such a short amount of time! My face lit up as I saw how ecstatic they were! We took pictures together for the remainder of the night. This proud teacher was on cloud nine for days!

The RAKettes are a competitive Belly Dance team for young girls ages 13+ specializing in (but not limited to) Oriental dance. It is the highest education level of the Belly Motions TEENS program. It is an experience meant for serious dancers who wish to broaden their knowledge by learning a higher caliber of technique as well as competing and receiving constructive critiques. Girls are chosen by audition twice a year and anyone is welcome to try!

Aside from winning awards, the RAKettes perform at local events often and they always impress! These local events enable the girls to experience the professionalism, challenges and joys that come along with being a serious performer. In addition, the team serves as a positive reinforcement for teen girls where self respect, responsibility and shared team work is of utmost importance (great job skills for the future!). Probably the most rewarding part of working hard at their craft is the friends and memories they will make that will last a lifetime.  CONGRATULATIONS RAKettes, keep up the good work!

As the Director of the RAKettes it is my goal to provide an experience for young girls that is classy, enriching and artistic.

Myself, Belly Motions and the RAKettes are “raising the bar of Belly Dance one hip at a time!”

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