Ready, Set, SHIMMY! 

Greetings beautiful friends, Miss Portia here! Welcome to my video On-Demand platform! 

Now YOU can enjoy high-quality recordings of my livestream Miami belly dance classes that focus on introducing, reinforcing and drilling beginner to intermediate movements, combinations and concepts found in Middle Eastern Dance. I’ve got movement technique, choreographies, props and much more! (Scroll down to view the video library to get an idea of the content available). 

Experience the Belly Motions teaching method and learn to belly dance while getting a safe, effective and low-impact workout! 

I’M BRINGING MY KNOWLEDGE, TEACHING FORMAT, POSITIVITY & ENERGY TO YOU! I’ll put a smile on your face and a shimmy in your hips! 

Rent any video for $9.00USD: Available for 7 days, watch as many times as you’d like!

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Super Duper appreciate you and I’d honored you’ll be dancing with me! PS…email me any questions or class material requests to: [email protected]

YEAH BABY, LET’S RAKS!!! (“raks” is “dance” in Arabic) Heheheheh

With Love, Miss P