Re-Establishing “P”, A Mompreneur’s Pursuit to Health & Happiness – Episode 2: Ask for Help

Episode 2: Ask for Help

Welcome back to “Re-Establishing “P.” The “P” stands for priorities, perseverance, prayer and PORTIA!

This blog is dedicated to women who have or plan to have children and absolutely LOVE their careers. 🎤
The moment I gave birth everything changed. My heart grew to experience love in a way I didn’t know possible and (record player screech) my life got more complicated. I suddenly stepped into the shoes of “mother” in addition to: dancer instructor, performer, entrepreneur, CEO, Artistic Director, leader, and wife. Whew. 

For years, the responsibilities of motherhood and the desire to work and create were a constant internal tug of war, and I was losing.

To the mompreneurs and full-timers out there, I speak to YOU. IT’S HARD. Period. And whether we blame it on the mindset of our American culture, the lack of community, a patriarchal world, the role-strain women face, etc. it doesn’t change the fact that right now we have a problem and problems need solving. I’m all about solutions. What’s your solution?

I say this, keep your creative spirit flowing, climb the latter, follow your dreams, work your butt off BUT ENJOY YOUR BABY AND STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR HUSBAND/FAMILY.

And you say, “For the love of life, HOW?!!” 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ and / or pay for it. Got family members who live close by? Set ‘em up on a schedule for babysitting. No family? Form a collective. GET HELP from other moms in your same situation. No community? Hire a part-time or full-time nanny. “I can’t afford it”….You cannot afford NOT to. Find your solution…and don’t apologize for it. 💪🏻

Here are some great books for Mompreneurs on this topic:

Hold On But Don’t Hold Still by @kristinakuzmic
Girl, Wash Your Face by @msrachelhollis

No time to read? Fall asleep when you do?
Try LISTENING to the book! I have the Libby App (free access to Miami-Dade County Public Library, look for something similar in your county) or try Audible (paid).

Pop your ear pods in while cleaning, walking, whatever. Get through tons of books while multitasking. Score! 😉

Comment any book recommendations please! Now go solve that problem!